Band Members 
Chris Davis ~ Vocals, Guitar
Danny Roberts ~ Mandolin 
Terry Smith ~ Vocals, Acoustic Bass 
Kristin Scott Benson ~ Banjo / Guitar 
Adam Haynes ~ Fiddle 
John Bryan ~ Vocals, Guitar 

Great musicians will always find a way to make good music, but for great musicians to make great music, they must form a bond – one that, more often than not, goes beyond the purely musical to the personal.  For The Grascals, that bond has been forged at the intersection of personal friendships, shared professional resumes and an appreciation for the innovative mingling of bluegrass and country music that has been a hallmark of the Nashville scene for more than forty years. 


Their cutting-edge modern bluegrass is delivered with a deep knowledge of, and admiration for, the work of the music’s founding fathers. Timely yet timeless, The Grascals make music that is entirely relevant to the here and now, yet immersed in traditional values of soul and musicianship. It’s a unique sound that has earned three Grammy® nominations and two Entertainer of the Year awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association, as well as national media attention that seems to perpetually elude acts entrenched in niche genres. Such appearances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Fox & Friends, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and CBS’ The Talk. All the while, stages that represent the strongest bastions of tradition continually welcome them, as evidenced by the over 180 performances on the Grand Ole Opry. Honors also include performing twice for President George W. Bush and at President Barack Obama’s inaugural ball at the Smithsonian. 


Their current album, Before Breakfast, was released September 1, 2017 on Mountain Home Records following on the heels of the band’s most successful recording to date, And Then There’s This, and they want everyone to know that they are still striving to record (and perform) the very best bluegrass music possible.  The Grascals’ rare musical empathy gives them an unerring ear for just the right touch to illuminate each song’s deepest spirit – whether they’re digging into one of their original songs or reworking a bluegrass classic – and they continue to prove why they are one of the very best bands in the business. 


Before Breakfast - Mountain Home Records (2017)
And Then There's This... - Mountain Home Records (2016)
When I Get My Pay - Mountain Home Records (2013) 
Life Finds A Way - Mountain Home Records (2012) 
Dance Til Your Stockings Are Hot & Ravelin – BluGrascal Records (2011) 
The Grascals and Friends: Country Classics With a Bluegrass Spin – Cracker Barrel Music/BluGrascal Records (2011)
4 additional recordings on Rounder Records (2005-2010)